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KWR-005 Bluetooth Wireless Controller

Bluetooth Wireless Controller for KTI Hydraulic Power Units

KWR-005 Bluetooth Wireless Controller

Bluetooth wireless remote control works with any trailer built after January 2015. Very simple and quick installation. The Bluetooth wireless remote has a range of about 40ft with no obstructions. Reciever has a built-in safety – shuts down after being idle for 20 minutes. Receiver has the abilty to program up to 4 key fobs to one receiver. Includes a inline 15 amp fuse on the power wire for protection 5/16″ eyes are included on power and ground wires to ease installation to battery. Receiver Power and Ground Wire lengths: 24″. 2 Button receptacle connector wire length: 14″. 2 Button power unit connector wire length: 32″. Detachable antenna has a 38″ wire.

KWR-005 Bluetooth Controller


  1. Tap the iOS to go to the App Store
  2. Tap the link to install
  3. App will launch after install


  1. Tap the Android icon to download the file
  2. Open your Apps Tray
  3. Tap File Manager
  4. Tap Downloads
  5. Tap the APK file you downloaded
  6. Tap INSTALL in the lower-right
  7. Tap the KTI icon to launch the app

Use the following directions to install and operate the KWR-005 Hydraulic Controller on your Bluetooth enabled device (iOS or Android)

Switch Between Key fob & Phone

Only one device can control the power unit at any given time, either the Phone or Key fob. To operate the Key fob, you need to exit from the Phone control panel; to operate by the Phone, you need to wait at least 5 sends after you have released the Key fob button.

Low Voltage Alarm

When the power voltage is lower than 9V, the APP control panel will be not operate, the Phone will ring and vibrate at the same time. The button on the Key fob will be unavailable to press, and the buzzer in the receiver unit will sound. You may still use the handheld control. The LED is green when the voltage is higher than 9V.

Sleep and Wake Up

After 5 minute of inactivity, the Bluetooth module will enter sleep mode. Press any button of the Key fob to wake up the Bluetooth module when it is in sleep mode, or you can turn off the power switch of the device and then turn it on again.

Download Instruction Manual (English)

Download Instruction Manual (Spanish)

For more information about KTI’s Wireless Remote or Bluetooth Controllers, please contact one of our specialists by phone, (949) 752-8818 or by email at sales@ktihydraulicsinc.com.