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Improving Hydraulic Systems, Superior Quality, Unrivaled Customer Service and On Time Deliveries.

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Improving hydraulic systems, superior Quality, unrivaled customer Service and on time Deliveries.
Manufacturer of DC and AC Power Units
KTI Hydraulics is a diversified manufacturing and technological company that offers a wide range of products and services in the areas of commercial, industrial hydraulic equipment and is widely recognized for our engineering capabilities, product excellence and customer service. The core products we supply our customers include hydraulic power units, ac and dc motors, manifolds, gear pumps, reservoirs and remotes. Our hydraulic power units are ideal for mobile and industrial needs and are trusted for use in heavy machinery like snowplows, dump trucks, backhoes, front loaders and rear loaders as well as industrial machinery including dock lifts, dock locks and compactors. We supply hydraulic power units for many industries including agriculture, construction, heavy equipment, mobile and even recreational vehicles.