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Our Mission Statement

Improving Hydraulic Systems, Superior Quality, Unrivaled Customer Service and On Time Deliveries.

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    Manufacturer of DC and AC Power Units

    KTI Hydraulics is a 9001:2015 ISO certified manufacturing and technological company that offers a wide range of products and services in the areas of commercial, industrial hydraulic equipment and is widely recognized for our engineering capabilities, product excellence and customer service.

    The core products we supply our customers include hydraulic power units, AC and DC motors, manifolds, gear pumps, reservoirs and remotes. Our hydraulic power units are ideal for mobile and industrial needs and are trusted for use in heavy machinery like snowplows, dump trucks, backhoes, front loaders and rear loaders as well as industrial machinery including dock lifts, dock locks and compactors.

    We supply hydraulic power units for many industries including agriculture, construction, heavy equipment, mobile and even recreational vehicles.

    Our Story

    KTI Hydraulics Inc. was founded in 1998 by veteran hydraulic master, Robert W Habermann and veteran businessman, George King. The success of the company is owed to the vision these two pioneers had – improving hydraulic systems, superior quality, unrivaled customer service and on time deliveries. Since that time KTI Hydraulics has been committed to serving our customers around the globe offering the finest in hydraulic engineering, technology and applications. The corporate headquarters are located in Santa Ana, California, very near where the company was originally founded in Costa Mesa, California. In addition to the parent company, KTI, we now have distributors and representatives that sell KTI products nationally and internationally.

    Improving hydraulic systems, superior Quality, unrivaled customer Service and on time Deliveries.

    We Engineer Excellence

    Reliable products are a direct result of a quality design. KTI Hydraulics has been successful in providing hydraulic power units for over 20 years. Excellence in engineering has resulted in designs that have exceeded customer expectations. Whether it be AC or DC motors, manifolds, pumps, reservoirs, controls or complete power units, KTI designs stand the test of time.

    On Time Deliveries

    Our transportation infrastructure for on-time deliveries has been a cornerstone of KTI’s business since the start. Our well-trained and experienced staff will ensure that the products you ordered will arrive on-time in secure, durable KTI shipping boxes. Plan your success in advance with KTI’s reliable delivery fulfillment system.

    The KTI product line is versatile enough to provide my company with parts and service for all of our heavy equipment.

    KTI allows my business to Power Up it's sales by providing high-quality engineered hydraulic power assets.

    The KTI custom service reps always have time to answer all of my questions about a custom solution for my business requirements.

    The sales team at KTI always delivers on-time with the exact part I need for my distribution company.