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Improving Hydraulic Systems, Superior Quality, Unrivaled Customer Service and On Time Deliveries.

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    KTI Hydraulics Inc | Manufacturer of DC and AC Hydraulic Power Units


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    We supply hydraulic power units, AC and DC motors, manifolds, gear pumps, reservoirs and remotes.

    Our hydraulic power units are ideal for mobile and industrial needs.  They are trusted for use in heavy machinery like snowplows, dump trucks, backhoes, front-end loaders and scissors lifts as well as industrial machinery including dock lifts, dock locks and compactors.

    We supply hydraulic power units for many industries including:

    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Heavy equipment
    • Vehicles (mobile and recreational)
    KTI Standard DC & AC Power Units
    We can customize any of our standard units to meet your specific requirements

    We Engineer Excellence

    Reliable products are a direct result of a quality design. KTI Hydraulics has been successful in providing hydraulic power units for over 20 years. Excellence in engineering has resulted in designs that have exceeded customer expectations. Whether it be AC or DC motors, manifolds, pumps, reservoirs, controls or complete power units, KTI designs stand the test of time.

    On Time Deliveries

    Our transportation infrastructure for on-time deliveries has been a cornerstone of KTI’s business since the start. Our well-trained and experienced staff will ensure that the products you ordered will arrive on-time in secure, durable KTI shipping boxes. Plan your success in advance with KTI’s reliable delivery fulfillment system.

    Improving hydraulic systems, superior Quality, unrivaled customer Service and on time Deliveries.