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    Recommended Hydraulic Oils

     Fluid Recommendations

    KTI recommends using a premium hydraulic oil to ensure optimum performance and
    system life. Select oil that has anti-wear properties, rust and oxidation inhibitors, foam inhibitors and good stability. Examples of premium grade hydraulic oils: Chevron Rando HDZ, Mobil DTE 10, DTE 20 series, AMSOIL, and Shell Tellus.

    Automotive Transmission Oils are acceptable under normal conditions.

    Aviation Oils such as Valvoline ROYCO series or Mobil Aero HF or HFA may be used
    in prolonged, extreme cold environments.

    Do Not Use Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid. Do Not Mix Oils.

    Ambient Temperature Range

    ISO Viscosity Grade

    – 20F to + 32F
    (- 29C to + 0C)


    + 14F to + 120F
    (- 10C to + 49C)

    22, 32, ATF